Wellness Visits


The physical and intellectual development of children differs significantly from that of adults. The development period is crucial in a growing child's life since there is significant scope to address developmental issues with medical treatment. Hence, frequent wellness visits are important for your child. It enables you to accurately monitor your child’s growth and development.

PHS provides general wellness examinations for children to help identify physical and behavioral health issues in their earliest development stages. We are dedicated to helping parents realize the most crucial goal of wellness checkups: creating a caring, trustworthy connection between parents, kids, and their medical staff.


Routine Well Child Visits


Well-Child Visits refers to a scheduled visit to your pediatrician to ascertain your child's normal physical and mental development. Well-child visits are essential in promoting the physical, mental, and social health of infants and children. Here's an overview of what we do during a well-child visit.

  • Screen and measure the developmental progress of children
  • Identify and address parents’ and patients’ concern
  • Determine and resolve issues negatively affecting a child’s development
  • Diagnose and address behavioral and health issues in children
  • Observe ongoing circumstances and previous concerns
  • Provide expert advice, and information to deal with developmental issues

School Physicals


School physicals or school-level physical examinations are designed to gauge the cognitive and mental development of your child. The social, emotional, and developmental progress of your preschool, school-age, and preteen contain tell-tale signs that offer insights into their state of mind and cognitive behavior.

PHS conducts school physicals for parents who prefer solo visits and in close association with schools across Texas. We begin by examining your family’s medical history and progress to examining your child for common health conditions such as asthma, allergies, food intolerances, etc. During the course of the school physicals, we also check your child’s immunization records, supplements, medications, and dietary habits.

We work closely with you to get answers to some of the questions that will help shed light on the potential problems that could arise during the school calendar year. Some of the important aspects we evaluate during school physicals are:

  • Social skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Emotional quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Soft Skills

Appointment Form


    Having a new baby or sick child can be hard! We are here to make it easier. Newborn appointment requests will ALWAYS be granted on the date requested, and we will see you in the early morning. Same-day sick appointments submitted before 7:30 AM will ALWAYS be granted and we will always do everything possible to accommodate all requests.