Postnatal & Infant Care


Once you have given birth, it is very important to ensure that there is no insufficiency in your post-childbirth medical and nursing care. Our postnatal services include vaccination and immunization, as well as feeding help, monitoring growth and development of the baby. We provide guidance on feeding and nutritional requirement of the baby, and weaning advise. We diagnose and treat colic, gas, and constipation in infants. We also support you in sleep problems and sleep training.

We attend to your individual needs and plan the postnatal care according to your requirements, which continues for around six to eight weeks after childbirth. Feel free to call us or drop us an inquiry on the website. You and your baby will be surrounded by professionals who truly care about helping you and your child achieve your postnatal care goals.


Vaccination and Immunization


It is important to get your newborn baby vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccination will help your baby develop immunity to dangerous diseases. At Pediatric Health Specialists, we will cover all the immunization requirements for your baby as per the CDC, AAP and ACIP guidelines.


Congenital Disorder / Genetic Abnormality / Birth Defects


If your baby is born with birth defects, it can make you feel unprepared and overwhelmed. But you are not alone! We are here to help you out. We will perform all the necessary tests to diagnose your child, and our providers in conjunction with the specialist, coordinate and provide appropriate follow-up and care. Do not hesitate to call us or connect with us via our online network. We will make sure that you and your child are surrounded by the best support system possible.


Colic and Behavioral Difficulties


Colic and behavioral disorders are common problems for babies. However, they can be really difficult to deal with! At Pediatric Health Specialists, our team of experts will ensure that your baby gets the best care treatment, and will help your baby overcome its behavioral difficulties. We begin by diagnosing the colic trigger causes and then carefully plan the treatment procedures. Feel free to call us for evaluation if you think your baby is facing colic or behavioral issues.

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