Developmental Delay


It is natural for parents to get concerned when their children fail to develop as expected for their age, which may indicate global developmental delay. Our developmental delay treatment services at Pediatric Health Specialists include developmental screening, speech impairment testing, ASQ screening , autism screening, and hyperactivity treatment and other customized ADHD interventions. We aim to improve the lives of children who face developmental challenges and delayed developmental milestones and to support their families throughout their child’s journey into adulthood.


Developmental Screening


If we find a developmental delay early, your child can get the necessary help right away. Otherwise, it can get difficult for your child to learn basic skills, which may worsen the issue. This is where developmental screening steps in.

At PHS, we use developmental screening tools to know if your child is learning fundamental skills when they should. We may even talk and play with your child to see how they learn, behave, move, and speak. While we understand each child is unique and may reach a developmental milestone earlier or later than most children, our pediatricians will look at the big picture and help your child reach their full potential through the appropriate therapy.


Speech Delay


Speech and communication delays can affect your child’s global development. We at Pediatric Health Specialists follow speech and expressive communication delay closely. If delay is noticed, we will check the hearing first, followed by detailed analysis of the child’s speech.

We believe that communication should be available to all. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, we will determine individualized communication systems for your child, including speech and language skills, cognition, classroom strategies for speech and expressive language delay, and literacy skills.




Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children can cause challenges for them at home, at school, and in other social settings. Our qualified ADHD professionals will first evaluate your child’s ADHD symptoms and your family history to determine if your child has ADHD. If they do, the length of your child’s treatment will vary based on the needs and goals of you and your child. At PHS, we can develop an evidence-based and detailed ADHD hyperactivity treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs, including pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions. We will involve you in every step of the process and respect you as our vital partner in helping your child thrive. 


Autism Screening


Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should get effective treatments to improve their quality of life now and into their adulthood. Our team of healthcare professionals provide comprehensive diagnostic and care services for autistic children. If you have a child with ASD, we are here to help you by diagnosing the issue as early as possible and providing the best integrated care for your child. We can coordinate your visits with developmental behavioral pediatricians, psychologists, physical and speech therapists, and other autism specialists for autism screening, depending on your child’s needs.

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