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Children and infants require consistent pediatric health care and support to grow into healthy and happy young adults. Pediatric Health Specialists partners with you through the journey of parenthood as you raise healthy children. We provide timely and effective care for various health problems in infants and children, ranging from ongoing primary care to feeding disorders and cognitive development.

We are a group of passionate pediatric associates who are attuned to the unique healthcare needs of children. Our goal is to ensure your child receives the best and most comprehensive care possible. We provide seamless coordination of care with various community pediatric specialists, enabling us to provide holistic, seamless, and customized care for your children.



Our Pediatric Services


Finding quality pediatric health care delivery shouldn't require you to switch between different doctor's offices. Here is a list of all the pediatric services we provide as part of the assistance your family deserves.

Prenatal Consultation


Looking for a pediatric clinic to partner with when your little one is born? We can schedule a “meet the provider” appointment so that you can get to know our clinic before your baby is born.

Newborn Care


We want to see your little one within 48 hours of hospital discharge so we can perform newborn screening tests to check on feeding, weight, jaundice, and any other unique needs that your baby may have.

Postnatal & Infant Care


The first 12 months of your child’s life are so full of growth and changes! We will walk with you through recommended preventative visits and partner with you for your baby's vaccination. We also provide help with common baby issues such as sleep, growth, development, colic, and any illnesses they may experience.

NICU Follow-Up


Our providers have extensive experience in managing the unique needs of babies who have spent the first days of their life in the neonatal intensive care unit. We will walk with you through growth, feeding, development, and all of the unique needs that a child discharged from the NICU may have.

Wellness Visits


PHS provides general wellness examinations for children to help identify physical and behavioral health issues in their earliest childhood development stages.

Developmental Delay


We provide developmental delay treatment services that include vital evaluation and treatment regimens such as speech impairment testing, autism screening, and more.

Chronic Illness


Whether your child is suffering from allergies, asthma or obesity, we offer effective treatment for chronic pediatric diseases.

Our Pediatric Team


When it comes to caring for and treating children and their mothers, our pediatric specialists have a combined experience of over 100 years. But more than being skilled and board-certified in a particular field of pediatric medicine, our team of pediatric associates are kind and empathetic to your child’s physical and emotional needs. From the moment a baby is born till a child grows into their adolescent years, we ensure you play the most crucial role on our healthcare team. For each of our pediatric specialties, we adopt a considerate and multidisciplinary approach that considers what each of our little patients requires.


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PHS Patient Reviews and Recommendations

Berenicee Vegaa

Berenicee Vegaa


The best pediatrician office. Love the staff! Especially Yensi & Kasey! They're always there and quick to answer any concerns I have for my baby girl.

Sandra Martinez

Sandra Martinez


I moved from south Texas. My gifted child has only seen one doctor in her entire 12 years of life. So I was cautious when looking for a new doctor. I gave
Pediatric Health Specialist a chance. The doctor was amazing and very attentive.

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